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Jan 10th 2014 - "We Are - Book 2 - Frank To"

The second set of images of Artist Frank To, to be shown as part of the "We Are" collection have now been completed.

The images are due to be shown alongside part two of the "We Are" series of portraits.

The series focus on the personas that those in the public eye adopt, in contrast to the first part of the project which aims to show the subject with their public persona stripped away.

More information and Images will be released on the project through the coming months. To sign up for updates email Euan at or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Oct 11th 2013 - "We Are" announced.

It is my pleasure to announce the commencement of the latest fine art portraiture project of Euan Anderson, “We Are”.

“We Are” is a project of two parts, with part one due to be showcased in Glasgow during Summer 2014. The project focuses on Scottish talent such as Artists, Writers, Actors. The people who mould and define our culture.

Like his commercial work, the style of the project has been heavily inspired by modern influences such as the world of Film and Television, photographic greats Bailey, Avedon and from classical sources such as the Dutch Masters painters of the 17th Century.

The series takes a fresh look at the term ‘Celebrity’, and what it means to be in that position. What Masks must those in the public eye wear to protect their personal lives and how much that differs from their true personality.

Part one is the studio based part of the project. Stripping away the Subjects persona leaving only the ‘real’ character and revealing a ‘true’ moment in a very staged setting. Whilst Part two will show the subject in their natural setting, exaggerating their personas.

To keep up to date with announcements about “We Are” and other projects by Euan Anderson, please sign up to the mailing list at or follow him via Facebook or Twitter.

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